Bug Error and Defect

What is Defect Leakage ?

Defect leakage occurs at the Customer or the End user side after the application delivery. After the release of the application to the client, if the end user gets any type of defects by using that application then it is called as Defect leakage. This Defect Leakage is also called as Bug Leak.

What are the contents in an effective Bug report?

Project, Subject, Description, Summary, Detected By (Name of the Tester), Assigned To (Name of the Developer who is supposed to the Bug), Test Lead ( Name ), Detected in Version, Closed in Version, Date Detected, Expected Date of Closure, Actual Date of Closure, Priority (Medium, Low, High, Urgent), Severity (Ranges from 1 to 5), Status, Bug ID, Attachment, Test Case Failed (Test case that is failed for the Bug)

What is Bug Life Cycle?

Bug Life Cycle is nothing but the various phases a Bug undergoes after it is raised or reported.

  • New or Opened
  • Assigned
  • Fixed
  • Tested
  • Closed

What is Error guessing and Error seeding ?

Error Guessing is a test case design technique where the tester has to guess what faults might occur and to design the tests to represent them.

Error Seeding is the process of adding known faults intentionally in a program for the reason of monitoring the rate of detection & removal and also to estimate the number of faults remaining in the program.

What is the difference between Bug, Error and Defect?

Error : It is the Deviation from actual and the expected value.

Bug : It is found in the development environment before the product is shipped to the respective customer.

Defect :
It is found in the product itself after it is shipped to the respective customer.

Why does software have bugs?

  • Miscommunication or no communication – about the details of what an application should or shouldn’t do
  • Programming errors – in some cases the programmers can make mistakes.
  • Changing requirements – there are chances of the end-user not understanding the effects of changes, or may understand and request them anyway to redesign, rescheduling of engineers, effects of other projects, work already completed may have to be redone or thrown out.
  • Time force – preparation of software projects is difficult at best, often requiring a lot of guesswork. When deadlines are given and the crisis comes, mistakes will be made.

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